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30 May
This wasn't covered in the official documentation for installing a mastodon instance using the official droplet. Luckily Rach Smith has the guide!
#digitalocean + #mastodon
13 Apr
A script to pull the daily top 10 bird chart captured on your BirdNet device and display it as a post on Mastodon.
20 Oct 2023
All of Terence's blogs related to Mastodon. Some great detail of how Mastodon works.
#blog + #mastodon
20 Oct 2023
I once took down a small FunkWhale instance by linking out to a song on the server. As it got boosted quickly, each Mastodon instance would reach out to build their own version of the oEmbed causing the site to go down. Oops! This site discusses possible solutions to these type of situations.
20 Oct 2023
Searchtodon was a recent attempt as providing a global search. It received so much backlash that the creator ended up taking it offline and archiving the code.
20 Oct 2023
Popular Mastodon content of the day.
#apps + #mastodon
20 Oct 2023
A guide to installing Mastodon on Mastodon Pi, including up and downs along the way.