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30 Oct 2023
"Step by step instructions on how to create a multiboot USB flash drive with Ventoy using Linux."
20 Oct 2023
I reference these enough, might as well add a bookmark. Very thorough docs for getting an GtS instance up and running. It's not a five minute install, but I got through it in about a weekend.
20 Oct 2023
Still learning about backups! Haven't found the guide that works for me yet.
20 Oct 2023
A guide to installing Mastodon on Mastodon Pi, including up and downs along the way.
20 Oct 2023
An open source alternative to Apple Music. Interesting feature set includes optional sharing feature that doesn't exist with #Plex.
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10 Oct 2023
A detailed guide to configuring both PiHole and Unbound.
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